Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

Two things on the agenda for today's post, both involving wedding attire: Rent the Runway and wedding guest attire etiquette. Read on for more!!!


Andrew and I just put two wedding RSVP cards in the mail! 
It's wedding season! Woooo!!

We are heading to New Orleans for Andrew's cousin's wedding in June, and my cousin's wedding in Pittsburgh in July! 

We're also going to my friend's in May in Chicago...and I'm in Callie's in September in Ohio! 
{We are sad we can't make another friend's in September though :( }

I should think about hotels, gifts, logistics, funds, etc.

Obviously the first thing on my mind now is: what should I wear?!?
{I feel like such a girly blonde, but oh well.}

I'm thinking this is the year to try Rent the Runway.
I mean, I might as well. I do have 40 total dresses and accessories on my Favorites list. 
A girl's gotta have options, amIright?
I also have a coupon for $50 toward a rental...soooo yeah. I might as well take advantage.

Here are just a few that caught my eye:

What would you pick? 
Have you rented the runway before? Any tips?

I need to check wedding colors with the brides first to ensure that I don't accidentally match the bridesmaids, but these choices are just a start. I'm also worried about wearing red. Is it too loud?

Sure enough, Emily Post knows what's up.

Basically, unless otherwise explicitly permitted, the following attire is considered faux pas by Miss Em:

Let's break it down:

Skimpy and provocative need pictures in my opinion. I know it depends on the ceremony location and local custom, and I'm no hussy, but I need a guide to be sure. 
Colors. Necklines. Length. Details, please.

None of the weddings this year will have a costume theme so we're all set. Phew

Blue jeans and t-shirts would be fine if the groomsmen and groom sport the same garb. If they don't wear them, why would you, you know?

Never thought about the jewelry thing. I'll just stick to pearls. They're universally classy, right?

Casual footwear with formal outfits. I don't think this applies to country weddings. 
I see many a Pinterest pic involving cowboy boots and dresses. It's cute, Em. Roll with it.

Em says that sunglasses worn indoors are permissible if there's a medical reason. Otherwise you could look like Cee Lo. So there's that.  

Finally, wearing real flowers. I've never seen people wear them unless they were given by the bride and groom to mothers, grandmothers, etc. I can't imagine this is really an issue. If someone wanted to wear a giant sunflower on her wrist at our wedding, for example, I wouldn't be offended. I'd wonder why, obviously, but no offense taken.

So basically Emily didn't answer my questions.

Is red too loud? Should you stray away from wearing similar colors to bridesmaids? I mean, we all know that wearing white is a HUGE no-no, but what about other off-white hues? 

What do you think? Are there any other faux pas that this list is missing? What would you add? I don't want to do anything inappropriate!!

Also, have any of you found dresses recently that are $50 or less to wear to weddings? I'm striking out.
{OK fine, I've barely shopped yet.}

Goodness. Long post this week. Sorry!
Have a good one!


Kristyn said...

First of all...I have never heard of this Rent the Runway thing. Holy crap. You just opened my eyes!! WOO HOO!

I recently wore red to a wedding and no one said anything. I think I wasn't the only one either. I have worn that dress to 2 weddings, and no one said anything at either event (except how fabulous I looked! HA). I think as long as you don't match the maids, you are good. And no to white. Obvi!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Love the pink one! I would stay away from all forms of white unless it's part of a pattern. You never know what might upset someone, so why risk it. I vote go for a bright fun color!

Kaileigh said...

I would say all white hues are a no-no. At my friends wedding, her dress was a fitted ivory lace dress. Another girl showed up in a short ivory lace dress, and not going to lie, I judged her and wondered what she was thinking.

Janelle {insatiable apartment} said...

I think you've sold me on Rent the Runway. That's about what I would pay to buy a new dress that will then sit in my closet for eternity, never to be worn again.

I feel like I've heard you're not supposed to wear black to weddings either. But I've seen like 8 million people do it and I've done it myself before. Maybe that's just an outdated etiquette thing?

callie ;) said...

the not wearing black is an outdated etiquette thing - but my mom is still anti-it. hahaha.

i wore red to meg's wedding last year, and i felt totally appropriate. it depends on how you accessorize. red feels loud, but then again, i wear it a lot sooo...maybe i'm just used to it?

i have looked at RTR and never found anything i liked. maybe it's because i go to too many weddings and need to be able to re-wear things.

Betsy Transatlantically said...

I did my first RTR experience a few weeks ago and it was totally fab - the dress was amazing and it was just such an easy process. (plus, I got a little giftbag of goodies in the box, too!)

I'd have no problem if someone wore red or black to my wedding. also, if were were having a Jewish ceremony, I'd be fine if a guest wore a little cross necklace, if that's what she usually wore. it's her faith and I should respect that too, just like she'd respect my faith by not shouting our JESUS as we went through the Hebrew blessings!

Beth said...

I agree with Callie, I think it's all in how you style the red. I've seen it a lot (especially at evening weddings), and no one seemed to have a problem with it.
I think the biggest one is don't wear any form of all white. Julian's cousin wore a short white dress to ours and I was a little annoyed to be honest, but didn't say anything because I didn't want to sound like a bridezilla! haha
I've checked out RTR, but haven't tried it out yet, would love to hear how it works if you decide to try it! :)

Stephanie said...

I haven't tried rent the runway yet, but I'm considering it. They have a lot of cute things!

And I personally love cowboy boots with dresses, it's my go to outfit because it's so easy. Sorry Em.