Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I'm VERY excited to announce that Kristyn from Chits & Giggles and I are going to start to host a Wedding Wednesday link-up starting next week! 

Next Wednesday, please link-up anything you want that's wedding-related. Whether you are a bride-to-be, former bride, frequent and amazing wedding guest, or even if you just have a story to share about a wedding experience, please share!
(Oh, and uh...if you could help to spread the word that would be awesome!)

Now on to the topic this week: calligraphy!

First of all, have you ever heard of Dabble

It's basically a site where you find random things you want to learn or teach...and then you go do it!
Here, let them explain:

Andrew told me about this site and I love the concept. I found a calligraphy class and thought it would be a cool skill to learn. Plus, I hate my handwriting. Furthermore, I want to address all of the wedding invitations rather than hire someone to do it or print out addresses on labels. 

Hence, I dabbled.

I emailed other brides-to-be and bloggers in the area and a few of us went tonight to Bar Toma for a 90-minute class for $20. It included a calligraphy pen and a few materials...and obviously a good time. 

I must say that it was such a treat to finally meet Stephanie from Bourbon & Glitter in person! She's so hilarious, sweet and fun!

She and Diane are really good at calligraphy, too!!

{Stephanie, Me. Diane took the picture.}

Calligraphy and beer. Classy and sassy indeed!

Nailed it. (Not.)

Not gonna lie, it was a big class and we didn't get any one-on-one instruction. While the instructor was a sweetheart, we basically all taught ourselves. 

Once she said, "the beauty of calligraphy is that you can write the letters however you want," I immediately tuned out and started to write my own things:

And of course:

Clearly I have a LOT of practice to do before I even attempt to address our invitations, but it was definitely fun to try! I might just have a new hobby!

What do you think about addressing invitations? Yay or nay on calligraphy? Could you care less?

Have a good one and please link up with us next week!!


Stephanie said...

YAY!!! SO much fun meeting you finally! I cannot believe I pass your office every day, and you're that close to me. We are going to have so many happy hours now :)

Kristyn said...

That would be a huge NO for me, but only because I don't want to spend the time doing it! Ha. I am going to just print the addresses directly on the envelopes, or get someone to print them for me. I can't imagine trying to address them all myself! Kudos to you for doing that!!

Chasity @ Haute Mommy Blog said...

I tried sooooo hard to learn calligraphy when I was engaged. It's difficult!

Anonymous said...

I addressed them myself, sans calligraphy. Just some good old fashioned cursive, but people thought I hired someone to do them! As long as you have a good pen and a lot of patience, you can totally do them yourself! said...

Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed the class. As for me, I wouldn't enjoy doing it myself, maybe the first few, but after that the task is too tedious. Better To hire someone to print them. Great job though!