Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Update!

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First of all, Happy Birthday to my amazing sister Kate!!!!!!!! Love you!
Second, on to the recap!
What a fun weekend!

Friday after work my co-workers and I shopped along North Avenue and then went to a delicious carbo-loaded dinner at Frasca in Logan Square.

We rolled out of the restaurant and were off to Hannah's bachelorette party!!!

It was so fun hanging out with the ladies!

Unfortunately the night was cut short for four of us...

We had the 10-mile race in the morning!

Quite a few people ran the Soldier Field 10-miler.

I kind of hated it to be honest.

Mainly because by mile 6 my knees were killing me.

Also because nothing else hurt. I could have kept going if it wasn't for my knees. 

I met my three goals, though: 1) I didn't stop running; 2) I finished.

(Yes, it was slower than I would have liked and my knees hurt, but I still did it. I ran 10 miles.)

Oh and I waved my Terrible Towel across the 50-yard line. Goal #3 accomplished!

Andrew took this picture - he was so supportive!!!
I can't wait to see the professional photos!

After brunch and a liquor run I was out of commission for the rest of the day.

It was a good thing I got some rest, though, because we went to Hannah's wedding on Sunday evening!!!

So sad that turned out blurry :(

Monday we recovered, went to a delicious lunch with my girl Maureen, and went to our neighbor's fun cookout!


Is it the weekend yet? I'm tired!

How was your weekend?

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