Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I checked my notes the other day and found the link to this article:
18 Digital Do's and Don'ts for Weddings.

You guys, this is hilarious.
Some of the examples? ha!
I can't! I just can't!

Here's the list (below), but seriously, read it!

Some of those are crazy, right?

I mean, come on. Who texts while walking down the aisle or updates their Facebook status IMMEDIATELY after saying "I do"????
That's ridiculous.
And berating friends for cheap gifts? That's so rude!

Some of the others are just as silly!

Admittedly, I do agree with a few of them!

However, I'm not so sure about #7.
I've read about some pictures from the photographer being ruined because guests were in the background with their cameras and the flash messed with the lighting.

On the other hand, some guests capture moments that the photographer may not see.
How would you ask them to not take photos? Put it politely in the program?

Curious to hear what you think!


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Ashley - Married to the Game said...

haha don't text while you're walking down the aisle!

Kristyn said...

Haha! These are so funny! I guess that cell phones is a weird topic. I don't know what I want to do about that. If you can take pictures on your phone and turn off the "click" sound that they have, you can get some great pictures...and tons of them. It just depends how discrete you are.

Rachel said...

I'm surprised they say Don't do disposable cameras! My sister had those at her wedding and some of our favorite candids came from those cameras! Granted the quality is shitty, but still! They were fun :)

Stephanie said...

Haha I took issue with the same 3 you did - those are crazy and people are clearly nuts if they have to be listed as don'ts. Because it means someone did it at one point!!
I don't get the no photos either. I mean, as a guest I know not to get in the aisle or get in the photographers way, but I always take a photo of the bride coming in (from my seat in the pew of course) and she always enjoys it because she doesn't get her photos back for awhile!

Anonymous said...

These are great. My friend Jenny forgot her hand written vows and walked down the aisle holding her iPhone and flowers (because she had emailed herself the vows initially to copy on paper). She read the vows from her iphone during the ceremony. It was a hoot!

Simply Savannah Ferran said...

This list is hilarious!

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

I'm surprised about the no disposable cameras ... I actually just saw something about that on Pinterest the other day .. a little printout that kindly asked everyone to shut off their phones and don't turn on their cameras, that all of the photos would be shared and that they want it to be an intimate ceremony where everyone is actually paying attention! I get it...but the last thing on my mind that day was wondering if people had their cell phones placed in their laps! And some of my absolute favorite photos are from guests who were able to snap things at another angle than my photographers!

♥Renee @ •Getting Fit Fab• said...

Oh man some of those don'ts.... ESHK. lol. See at my most recent wedding, it was phones on silent and no flash, which is extremely reasonable. Especially the sound during the ceremony I wouldn't want a phone going off than. And the flash, totally reasonable.