Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Whole30: Week 3

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Hi gang!

As a reminder, I started the Whole30 Program on January 2 and I'm using my Sunday posts to share some of the recipes, while highlighting my favorite on my Wednesday posts. Some co-workers are also doingWhole30, and my husband, Andrew, eats most of what I make, too. Great support system!

Today marks Day 17 of the 30 day program and I'm still going strong. I admit I had a couple of glasses of wine this week, but considering that my will-power helped me say "no" to multiple opportunities for champagne, chips, and delicious-looking sweets, I think I'll take it as a successful week.

Here's what we plan to make for the upcoming week:

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  1. We got a brand new slow cooker for Christmas, and one of the reasons Andrew wanted it was to make this Williams-Sonoma Bolognese Sauce. We're breaking in the slow cooker today! I'm going to put the sauce over my new favorite, zoodles! It's going to make SO much and I am happy to have the leftovers!
  2. I am pumped to use the slow cooker again tomorrow, to make Shredded Salsa Chicken for lunches! I know this is going to be awesome and I'm excited for lunches this week!
  3. I looooove Ramen Noodles. Always have, always will. I wish I could eat it all of the time, but alas, it's truly terrible for you. When I saw this Healthy "Ramen" Noodles recipe I instantly pinned it! I haven't had spaghetti squash in years, so I'm interested in trying them again, especially if it means that my beloved "Ramen" is actually healthy! Lunch tomorrow! Woot!
  4. When we need a break from the awesome Bolognese, we'll make the Paleo Italian Chicken Fingers! We may just have this with steamed veggies and boiled red potatoes, but who knows, maybe we'll do some red sauce and spaghetti squash like the picture. We shall see!
I am looking forward to cooking up a storm today and tomorrow to prepare for the week. I have continued to load my Healthy Foods Pinterest Board with even more recipes that I know I'll try long after the 30 days are done, especially some paleo sweets!

How is your Whole30 going? We're half way finished! Go us!!

Do you have recipes that I should try? Please share!
Have you caved and had anything you shouldn't? I won't tell, no judgment here!

Have a good one!


P!nky said...

These all sounds delicious!!! Keep up the great work!

Olivia said...

I love ramen too but always feel like I need to chug water after eating them. I will have to try this!