Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Bit of Sass Thursday

Feel like a laugh?
Read on, friends, read on.

Walking outside, the wind makes my eyes water, then this happens:

How I feel about anything sugary during the Whole30 Program:




Wine and tequila told me the same thing:


...and it's calling my name:

Have a good one!


Jenn said...

Very cute and light hearted post today! Loved it! :)

Meg Taylor said...

These are seriously great! I LOVE the dog waiting in line for his treat! And baby elephants are the cutest :)

Betsy said...

The first one! Every single time! And the last one blew my mind haha.

Rachel said...

Yes to all of these!

Mae @ Endlessly Ever After said...

The "bed" one is just hilarious!!
Great post