Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Bit of Sass Thursday

Feel like a laugh?
Read on, friends, read on.

Walking outside, the wind makes my eyes water, then this happens:

How I feel about anything sugary during the Whole30 Program:




Wine and tequila told me the same thing:


...and it's calling my name:

Have a good one!


Jenn said...

Very cute and light hearted post today! Loved it! :)

Meg Taylor said...

These are seriously great! I LOVE the dog waiting in line for his treat! And baby elephants are the cutest :)

Betsy said...

The first one! Every single time! And the last one blew my mind haha.

Rachel said...

Yes to all of these!

Mae said...

The "bed" one is just hilarious!!
Great post