Friday, March 11, 2011

30 for 30 Photos: Day 21

Day 21 for the 30 Day Photo Challenge is to post a picture of something I wish I could forget. My 6th grade school picture burns in my memory so there's no need to have a digital copy of it. Thank goodness. I had short hair, braces, was chubby, and was all over awkward (not much has changed haha). It was just bad. Oh I also wore glasses but took them off when I could - I'm nearsighted so I always wore them to see the chalkboard and TV, but would rather be blind at all other times than wear those uuuugly things. *shudder*

You know it's funny, I don't have pictures of anything I wish I could forget. I usually delete pictures if I want to forget something. I could post a picture of me from around the holidays because I was fat, but I don't want to delete those pictures - they serve as motivation. So yeah, no picture today - sorry!

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