Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 for 30 Photos: Day 30! AND Comment Love Day!

Happy Sunday!

First of all, I have to finish the 30 Day Photo Challenge! I can't believe it's already been 30 days. I need a new challenge and am accepting ideas so please share. Today's challenge is to post a picture of someone I miss. Gosh it's tough to pick one picture. Andrew and I just went to Mass and were surrounded by adorable babies, so of course it made me think of my niece, Lady Lizzie. So yes, you all know I miss her living all the way on the other side of the country. But yeah, I'll post a picture of her (again). haha so the back story while unnecessary is super cute for the picture: Elizabeth was born my mom's birthday. My mom's name is Patricia. Lizzie's middle name is Patricia (awww). So, for Halloween this year, my sister dressed up Elizabeth in a pea pod outfit, calling her Elizabeth "Pea." Cute, right?!?!

Okay, so that's all, folks! I did 30 days worth of pictures and I must say, it was a lot of fun to have an excuse to post every day. I want to keep this up!

The second reason to post today is to join in the fun. Sundays on For The Love of Blogs is "Comment Love Day" where bloggers visit sites of other bloggers and leave a bit of love in their comments. Fun! Today I visited four entertaining and funny blogs: Moda Chic Boutique, Misadventures of Being a Southern Lady, One Mixed Bag, and Diary of a Snuggle Slut. Clearly I check out blogs with intriguing titles. Stop over and say hi to those lovely ladies!


Lucy The Valiant said...

Hey, stopping by from FTLOB! What a cute little sweet pea!

Mary said...

Aw thank you! I stopped by yours in return and really like your blog! The background images are beautiful!

Hugs & Loves, Ariel said...

what a cute little pea!! how fun!
found you on FTLOB!
Hugs & Loves, Ariel

Mary said...

Thank you! Your blog is cute too!

AMY said...

Adorable little Pea! Great Blog!
I'm a new follower.
Amy's Life @

Mary said...

Thanks Amy I went to your blog, too! Very cute! I'm a new follower of yours! :)

Ross said...

What a great picture! I'm glad I found your site from FTLOB. I love checking out sites like yours!