Monday, March 28, 2011

Mary's Musings Monday! Week 2


Hello readers! Here is my second vlog!


Unknown said...

Mary! YAY for vlogging... makes me miss you more but so fun to see you! A couple things... I want your hair color on my head. You need to teach me how to do eye makeup like that. And I really hope you get the courage to start "bombing"... I think it would suit you well :) Lots of Love- Molls

Christina said...

omg. you are so cute. your make up is so pretty!! i JUST photo bombed some people for the first time the other night! it was so funny. my friends were like CHRISTINA NO! but i was like YES YES YES! haha

Mary said...

haha thanks ladies!!! Way to go Christina! I hope to be a photobomber soon! haha :)