Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Fancies

Friday's Fancies

So I follow two blogs that inspired this set. First, Aspiring Kennedy has an "If I Woke Up In Paris" theme while the author is in Paris. It's lovely! And every Friday I look forward to Long Distance Loving's "Friday's Fancies." So here's what I would wear in Paris today if I could actually be there! As always, I can never pick shoes, so maybe I'd switch it up mid-day (p.s. I have the black shoes!)

Friday's Fancies by mkrulia featuring amrita singh jewelry

Draped dress
140 GBP -

TopShop grey shoes
$100 -

$72 -

Amrita singh jewelry
$100 -

Black jewelry

Allison Daniel metal jewelry
$76 -

$225 -


Ima said...

paris has always been my dream city so I love this <3

Mary/"Special K" said...

Me too! I have to go!! :)

{av} said...

there really is no better color combo that black and red...SO classic! Happy to have you join in the Friday's Fancies fun...hope you will join in again soon! xoxo {av}

p.s. Paris = perfect.