Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 9; 30 for 30 Day 20

Day 20 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge is to post a picture of somewhere I'd love to travel. Sheesh, just one?!?! How can a gal choose? Hmmm how about a little trip to Spain with Andrew? Andrew studied in Salamanca and said he would take me here:
His description: "This is the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca. I walked through it every day on my way to class. This picture was taken late at night, but during the day and through about midnight there are tables set up at all the resturants so you can drink and relax outside."
Sounds lovely to me! I'm in!

Weekly Update:
Weight loss:
1.5 pounds!

Total weight loss:

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:

Overall mood this week:
It's been a nice Spring Break so far! And yes, I've done some school work, networking, and even spoke to my professors over phone and email. Nerd alert!

Other than hurting my back and now being pretty immobile yesterday and today, I've been in a solidly happy mood all week! Now that I've lost weight, though, instead of being excited I will admit I feel like the road is still long. Can I really lose another 26 pounds? It's been really hard to just get here, so can I keep going and not go crazy? People are starting to notice, so that's made me happy - seriously, one boxing instructor asked if I lost weight!

Worked out:
3? 4? The days are running together haha

I did run outside on Monday for the first time since October and I ran 4 miles! I forgot how much easier it is to run further outside. And when I ran mid-morning around The Mall, I felt like I had the entire park to myself. It was incredible to be alone watching the sun gleam across the monuments. What I did not forget, however, is how tough it is to run up Capitol Hill! That incline is a killer!

Yummy finds:

So many this week!

First of all, Kate Spade launched the new website - check it out!

Second, in reference to my weekly post from last week I have accomplished almost all of my Spring Break goals. I am really enjoying a book by my favorite author, I treated myself to lunch, and went to a movie today since it was raining. I am also going to the art gallery tomorrow!

Here's a pic of my delicious lunch last week.
The Starfish Cafe is in my neighborhood and I have always wanted to try it. I am so glad I did! It is a quaint row house nestled in the neighborhood with a delicious menu, exposed brick interior, colorful decor, and warm welcomes upon entering. I might not go again because while I enjoyed my salad, I wanted to try everything else on the menu - none of which is Weight Watchers (or wallet!) friendly. Those hush puppies were not warm, which worked in my favor so I wouldn't be tempted to slather on the butter and stuff my face!

Another exciting neighborhood happening was the soft opening of Pound, a beautiful coffee shop along Pennsylvania Avenue. It has a gorgeous interior, outdoor patio, comfy chairs, and delicious drinks. I can't wait to try the food when they open next week! I already made friends with the owners and went both Monday and Tuesday. The coffee is strong and tasty and the Nutella skim latte is a dream in a cup. Below is a picture of the latte, and the barista tried to make the foam decoration look like a crab. Points for trying!

This weekend Andrew and I tried Gina's Baked Potato soup and it is SO delicious! I enjoyed leftovers for lunches this week! We also made old faithfuls, Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas and Arroz Con Pollo. So yes, we ate very well this week!
On Sunday I helped my sorority sister Shawna shop for her wedding shoes (thank you Nordstrom!) and we went to Godiva to obtain our monthly free truffle and of course try extra truffles. I ate the carrot cake (right) and saved the cheesecake (left) for dessert with Andrew, who ate the dark chocolate (center). Sooooo good!
That's all for the weekly update! See you tomorrow for Day 21 of the Photo Challenge. Quick question, though...what should I do when the 30 days are over? How do you get people to read your blogs and follow you? I'd love advice!

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