Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 11

Good morning readers! Now that the 30 Day Photo Challenge is complete, it's back to my normal weekly Weight Watchers update on Thursdays, aka Weigh-In Day.

Weekly Update:
Weight loss:
.6 pounds!

Total weight loss:
15.2!! Here's a picture of me in a new dress wearing green nail polish! I'm not usually this daring in terms of polish color, but it's so springy and I love it!

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:
24.6...SUCH a long way to go! I really hope I can do it!

Overall mood this week:
Pretty happy! Lindsey was in town this week and it was just lovely having her here. I love my friends. This weekend I have more friends coming in town! Yay!

Also, I was really happy that a pair of my jeans I haven't worn in a while are too big! Yes, they're an old pair with zero stretch to them, kind of worn in, but they are BCBG and I got them for $30 when I was a junior in high school. I'm keeping those suckers. And now they're too big! Because of this I dared to try on the jeans I wore my senior year of college when I was at my thinnest. I can button them and they ALMOST fit...maybe a few more pounds and I can wear them out and about again! WooHoo!!!!!

Also, I've had a lot of help with my job networking and it will hopefully pay off. One of the people I used to work with emailed to ask if I would do some contract work for his web development company. Ummmm working from home (while still in school) on stuff that interests me? Who knows, maybe I could still do this work after the move?!?!? :) Fingers crossed everything works out!

Oh and school is going well haha...I have been working really hard on my digital portfolio and have finally decided how I'm going to make it unique. My other two projects are awesome: I am working for two companies so I am getting real-world experience! For my statistics project I will post my survey once complete, so please fill it out if you can!

Worked out:
5 times! I am incredibly sore, but I feel great...and did you read the part about my jeans?!?! Woo!

Yummy finds:
This week Andrew and I craved hot dogs, and luckily the amazing chefs from two of our favorite restaurants on Barrack's Row (Ted's Bulletin and Matchbox) opened a hot dog shop on the same street! DC3 is soooo good with many hot dog choices! We seriously stood looking at the menu for at least five minutes trying to decide. I went with an Ohio favorite, the Cincinnati Coney. Andrew chose his own ingredients. Yum!

While we ate at Belga's and Tortilla Coast this week, I think my favorite overall "meal" was on Saturday afternoon. Besides, I was incredibly good at both restaurants...when all I really wanted was the french toast and the Super Taco Salad! Anyway, on Saturday the wine, cheese, and fruit all afternoon on my back porch with good friends made for a wonderful day. The company, the sunshine, the food, the wine...ahhhh to be Saturday again...

Tonight Andrew and I are grilling out and accompanying our meat with Gina's Low-Fat Baked Onion Rings. Onion Rings on Weight Watchers?!?!?! Yep! Can't WAIT to do this tonight!

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