Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Love from A to Z

Last week I read Christina's list on Hungry Meets Healthy and I thought it would be fun to roll with the new blog theme going around the ol' 'sphere.

A - ha that's easy. Andrew! What can I say? He's the bacon to my egg.

B - Bridesmaids. I like the movie and all, but this is actually about being a Bridesmaid. After this month I will have been in six weddings. Sure it's expensive, but let me tell you why I love it: the day of the wedding. I treasure the time I get to spend with the bride the day of the wedding. It's so exciting to see her every step of the way on her special day. It's an honor to stand up because it must be tough for the bride to pick out maids among her many friends! Plus, having quality time is awesome considering the rest of the day she's mingling with friends and family. 

C - Cherish! I cherish my long-distance friends! What's fantastic is that even though we live far apart we haven't lost touch and pick right up where we left off whenever we see and/or chat. There is never awkward catch-up conversation. It's kind of awesome. I don't mean to exclude other friends who fit this bill, too! You all know who you are (and some are pictured further down)!!! :)

D - Dogs! We really want dogs someday!!

E - Elizabeth! I love my adorable niece! 

F - Family! I mean, need I say more? Although...a close second is football!!!!!

G - Georgetown and Grilling! Hoya Saxa!!!! Everything tastes better off of a grill! 

H - Happy Hour! Let's face it, though, most happy hours turn into happy nights. I miss my DC co-workers and Recessions! 

I - Ice Cream!!!

J - Jokes!

K - Kittens! Ours is a cat, but whatever! 

L - Lake Michigan! It's so beautiful!

M - Monograms!

O - Oceans! I haven't been to the ocean in a while, but man oh man do I want to go somewhere like this:

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

P - P is my favorite letter: It stands for pandas, penguins, and pizza!!!

Q - Questions! Just ask Andrew! That's all I do during movies and sporting events! :)

R - Running. While I might hate actually dragging myself to do it, I do love how it makes me feel when I'm finished!

S - My second favorite letter! Steelers, sunsets, and skylines!

T - Teddy! I know I already posted about him, but our cat is freaking cool and I didn't feel like writing about talking, television or tacos, all of which are also awesome.

U - Uberstein! What? I really do love German beer!

V - Volume! In my hair or for my music, I like it loud and proud!

Source: via QB on Pinterest

W - Working out! I do it every day, sometimes twice a day. I'm addicted!

X - X!!! This reminds me of my good group of DC girlfriends. Whenever Kate would say something inappropriate we would yell "X!!!", laugh, roll our eyes, and I would blush.

Y - Yelling! I love to yell at sporting events!

Z - Zzzzz! I love to sleep! Hopefully this post didn't put you to sleep, though! Thanks for reading!


callie ;) said...

cute pictures! you're missing fluffy under Fs though. ;) and also, i love your usage of multiple exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! :)

Melissa said...

Great to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And I totally agree on your "B" for bridesmaids :)

Susan said...

I'm so with you on the running, the monograms and of course that pizza looks so so good! Gotta love deep dish!

Susan said...

I'm so with you on the running, the monograms and of course that pizza looks so so good! Gotta love deep dish!

Christina said...

glad you did this too!! love all the pics. and i want that monogram ring right now!