Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holy Heat Wave, Chicago!

Well I can't believe my bare legs! 

It's October 24 and the high is 75? What is happening?? 

Not that I mind. As I alluded to above, I am parading my paleness today by wearing a skirt sans tights and boots. 

It wil be normal Chi-town weather by the weekend, but in the meantime I plan to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible. This will certainly be the last heat wave until the spring. (Wah.)

These beauties will have to wait a couple days.

Last weekend Andrew and I ventured to the burbs to Nordstrom and then to see Argo. It's nice to go for a drive outside the city! While at Nordstrom I tried on different boots in an array of price points. Nothing compares to the leather on the Frye boots. Nothing. This style (The Melissa Trapunto boot) was on sale so they had to ship me this color (Saddle) in the size I needed. I love Nordstom's customer service! The stylist who helped me was very knowledgable about all of the boots I tried on and listened to me when I told her what I needed: flat and durable since I walk to work, comfy, stylish without looking too masculine, versatile enough so I can dress them up or down, and a cognac color. She did push the Frye's more than the others, but that's understandable. She also offered to have me come back in once the boots arrived and she would personally stretch them so they fit perfectly. I don't need to take her up on the offer, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

FYI, I had to go up half a size. I also used two gift cards to help with the purchase since this gal certainly can't afford Frye's at the regular price. Thankfully these will (supposedly) last years, so I look forward to not having to boot shop every year. I decided that I would pay extra for the quality, but after the sale and the gift cards I paid less than what I would have paid for the other boots I tried. I also bought the Frye leather treatment so they continue to look lovely for years to come.

Well that about does it for me. Enjoy the heat!

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Beautiful boots! Fryes are on my wish list.