Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Update

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How is the weekend over already?

First of all, I don't think enough people know about Old Navy's sale:
40% off all active wear online and free shipping over $50!

I stocked up last night.
No, I shouldn't spend money on myself, but considering how I have worn the same thing over and over and over again for was time.


Happy shopping!

Now for the rest of the weekend: it was really low-key.
I was pretty productive, but I spent most of it indoors and on the couch.

Friday night I drank beer while chatting with Cappello, one of my BFFs, for two hours over the phone. Who says long-distance friendships don't last? Not us! Then I lounged and caught up on TV shows.

Saturday I woke up early, went to Self Magazine's Workout in the Park (pics below), went to brunch with two sorority sisters, grocery shopped, made an AWESOME dinner for us, and lounged.
Sunday I went to Mass and lounged.

Amid my lounging I also started a new book, created an inspiration sheet of floral decor to send potential florists (I feel like giving them visuals will help since I won't meet them in person), worked on invitations for Callie's shower, practiced calligraphy, and practiced Spanish on Rosetta Stone.

So yes, lots of couch time, but I wasn't completely worthless!

The workout in the park was pretty cool. It was about a 2-mile walk from home, so I decided to walk since it was nice outside. The event was from 11-3, which I thought was a ton of time, but when I left around 1:00 I wish I could have stayed longer! I got a free ticket thanks to Bright Pink, and had no idea what to expect since there wasn't an online schedule of events. There were three workout areas and vendors around the perimeter handing out tons of swag.

I did a CrossFit WOD, then an interesting workout called Stiletto Strength. Between tough movements during this workout I had to strut. It was weird. Then I went to get a free mini-facial by Garnier, and while I was in the super long line I did a kickboxing workout.

I missed out on the yoga/pilates and other cool workouts. It was a fun experience and definitely something that I would enjoy with a small group of girlfriends.

The only thing that really got to me was how many of the instructors kept telling us how sexy we are and how sexy we can look while working out. Sorry, but being sexy is the last thing I think about while I workout. Strutting definitely isn't in my regimen, either.

Whatever, it was fun, and I had a fantastic time with my sorority sisters afterward at Eleven City Diner for brunch! YUM!

How was your weekend?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Good for you with your workout. Sounds like a pretty great weekend!

Is that one of those salads in a bag? Those are the best. I brought one for lunch today :)

Thanks for linking up!

The Southern Thing said...

stopping by from the linkup!

I know I took advantage of the old navy active sale! I got some of the compression pants and an active tank all for under $25.. can't beat that!