Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Update

Mingle 240

{Linking up with Sami, Leeann, and Meg!}

Linking up with the ladies again this week!

Friday night was very chill: Daniela stopped by and we just hung out. Low-key Fridays are the best kind of Fridays.

Saturday I went for a lovely run to Buckingham Fountain and back.

Chicago really is the best backdrop for a run. 

The rest of the day I fiddled with the wedding website and then we were off to Ribfest and our friends' housewarming party! The party was so much fun, but Ribfest?

That's a lot of people, folks. Ick.

It smelled amazing, though.

We played many college games at the party. Card games are still lethal and flip cup is like riding a bike.
I think those two sentences just made me sound old and lame.
Oh well. 

Sunday I went to brunch and passed Holy Name Cathedral on my way to Bloomingdale's for more Nespresso! 

I was planning on Mass at our church later in the afternoon, but I love checking out different churches and I am so glad that I did!

So beautiful!

The rest of the day I worked on the wedding website some more. I really enjoy "designing" it on my own in Blogger rather than through the knot or another site. Much more freedom, but also much more frustration. I'll be sure to share the link during a Wedding Wednesday post in the near future!

Looking forward to a (hopefully) quick week: we're heading to New Orleans on Saturday!!!!!!

How was your weekend? Did you check out any festivals?


Lisa Newlin said...

OMG! Holy Name Cathedral is beautiful!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow that cathedral is really pretty! I went with my parents to a new church Sunday also. Our new priest at the old church is so hard to understand that we stopped going and felt guilty. Hopefully the new place will be the answer.

Thanks for linking up :)

Kimberlee said...

Love summer runs - nice shots of Chicago :)

Beckey said...

Hello from Mingle Monday! Lovely pictures! That church is beautiful!