Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sharing a Saturday Sweet!

So I have been DYING to share this with all of you. First of all, I read about Diet Coke Brownies on one of my favorite blogs My Two Cents (...before I spend it). The next shopping trip you better believe I picked up some DC and brownie mix. But I didn't stop there. No, no. My favorite dessert is a brownie sundae and I had to attempt a brownie sundae in a healthy manner since I just got back on the wagon. Here is a picture of my ingredients with the accompanying point values:

  • 1 Diet Coke: 0 points
  • Fat Free whipped cream: 0 points
  • Edy's Slow Churned No Sugar Added French Vanilla ice cream: 2 points per 1/2 cup. (P.S. this is THE BEST low-fat ice cream I have ever had, which is saying something. I've done the leg work.)
  • Pillsbury Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge brownie mix: 3 points per brownie (the mix makes 12 brownies)
  • Smucker's Sugar Free chocolate topping: 3 points per 2 tablespoons
So the DC is the ONLY thing you need to add to the brownie mix. No egg, no oil, no water. Woot! Admittedly, I should have baked them longer (or been patient enough for the oven to pre-heat. Oops.). The brownies were pretty gosh darn good for being only three points. Oh I should have also waited for them to cool all the way before attempting to cut them, but I wanted a warm brownie for my sundae. I mean, c'mon. Also, 2 tablespoons is actually quite a bit of topping when I just wanted a cute little drizzle, so that's easy to cut back on to cut points. All in all, my sundae was about 7 points. That's pretty awesome considering an average brownie sundae would probably be near my whole daily point value (Dairy Queen's is 26 and Baskin Robbin's is 25). I don't need the chocolate sauce, so a 5-point incredible dessert is totally worth having a smaller meal during the day, you know? Here's the final result:

Eat your heart out, Dairy Queen.


Holy City Chic | Megan said...

So glad you loved them! I am already wanting to make another batch -guess they aren't too great for the diet if you eat them 4x as much as you normally would eat the regular brownies! Oops! XO

Mary said...

haha!! So true!