Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Fancies and Week 4 (Again)

Happy Friday!

First of all, hallelujah. I got through my first week at work (I love it!!) and Andrew and I are off for a weekend adventure. Here's my Friday's Fancies outfit, inspired by the new job! I seriously want to strut my sass in this outfit to a happy hour after work some day.

[Below the gorgeous outfit is my weekly weight loss diary post. Wah.]

Friday's Fancies

Weekly Update:
Weight loss:
Nada. I gained.

Total weight loss:
I gained. It sucks. I didn't eat anything bad this week, but I was careless about portion control and we ate dinner every night at 9pm or later. I have a feeling that's why the scale and I are not on speaking terms.

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:
31.4 - depressing.

[I did not come up with my goal weight arbitrarily. This goal weight is based on the WW site guidelines. My goal weight is actually on the heavy range for my age and height.]

Overall mood this week:
Honestly I was hoping for a loss and I'm insanely disappointed. Full disclosure: I weighed another 1.5 pounds more when I woke up than I did when I got home from work, so I don't know what's going on with me. It makes me wonder if my body was just meant to look this way...and I know that's silly, so it also makes me wonder if when I get down to my goal weight will I be able to stay there? I know that Weight Watchers is a lifestyle and not a diet, but when I go to bed hungry and am "that girl" at the bar eating a salad then I just worry that being thin isn't something I am meant to be.

However, I rocked my outfit today at work. I feel like I look better even if the scale disagrees.

Worked out:
4 times, but one doesn't really count since it was a quick pick-me-up one evening this week. Sigh...


Lucy The Valiant said...

Don't be too discouraged! I think women's weight tends to fluctuate at lot, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't getting closer to your goals.

Mary said...

Thank you Lucy, I appreciate the support!

Unknown said...

Hey Mary! I recently started following your blog off of your facebook! It's so cute and fun! Anyway, I know how you feel... my weight fluctuates like craaazy depending on the day, time, etc. You are so beautiful and confident... Don't spend time worrying about a number! I just don't think scales are always accurate depictions of fitness success. :)

Mary said...

Thank you Megan you're so sweet!!