Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Fancies and Week 3 (Again)

Happy Friday readers! First I have a Friday's Fancies I would like to share for the Long Distance Loving weekly post, then my weekly weigh-in Weight Watchers post.

Friday's Fancies

I just love this Lily dress and thought that pairing it with these shoes are a solid combination of class and sass. What do you think? If you "like" my set on {av}'s site (here) I could possibly win this week!

Weekly Update:
Weight loss:
I lost 1.4 pounds!

Total weight loss:
3!! - (I started again)

Pounds remaining to reach goal weight:
29.9 - so far to go.

[Please remember that I did not come up with my goal weight arbitrarily. This goal weight is based on the WW site guidelines. My goal weight is actually on the heavy range for my age and height.]

Overall mood this week:
I am OK with a slow weight loss. Other times when I re-start Weight Watchers I usually lose a little bit more at the beginning. Oh well, I feel good. Plus I got a job starting Monday, so my mood is pretty positive! :)

Worked out:
4 times!

Yummy finds:
I love Jimmy John's, but the bread isn't WW friendly. However, I can get my favorite sandwich (The Country Club) without cheese and mayo on an unwich (lettuce wrap) for only 3 points! Yay!! I do miss the bread and my friend mayo, but the mustard is tasty and it's a great way to save points so I can eat more throughout the day!


Tricia said...

I am currently back on the weight loss bandwagon :-(

Rachel said...

wow! I have never heard of the "unwich" and that sounds delicious! I dont do WW but I am a weird person who doesn't eat sandwhiches with bread so that sounds awesome to me!

Mary said...

Bloggin in PA thanks for the comment! I hope you enjoy - I don't remember seeing it on the menu, but I saw the unwich online and had to try it! I'm following your blog now! It's great! :)

Good luck, Tricia! You can do it!

henning love said...

cute, love those heels and that clutch! very summery outfit!

Mary said...

Thanks Meg!

. said...

Hey Mary! I don't mean to spam up your blog (which I love by the way) with this unrelated comment but I couldn't find an email for you anywhere. So in case you didn't see my tweet, I wanted to tell you that you won my Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer giveaway! If you'll DM me on Twitter (@ElizHYC) or shoot me an email at haveyourcakeblog (at) gmail (dot) com with your shipping information, I'll get your prize sent out.

And congratulations on your weight loss progress!