Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Bit of Sass Thursday!


Hey there sassy readers! How did you add some sass to your step today? I actually wore pearls, and while I adore pearls, it just felt wrong since I vowed that Thursdays would be the day of the week where I would strut my sass more than any other. However, the dress I wore with the pearls? It was a healthy mixture of sass and class if I do say so myself. Do you ever pair pearls with a sassy get-up? Do tell!!

No matter the wardrobe, I had a happy day. I got a job!!! Everyone I told (including my amazing internship co-workers) were happy for me! It really was a great day.

Since I enjoy my pinterest a little bit too much, here's a little sassy outfit from my sassy board to inspire you today. Snap your fingers, friends! Work it!

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