Friday, February 17, 2012

Jet-Setting - Meant to Post on Friday!

OK not really. We are still getting out of town for the weekend, though! We're headed to Detroit to visit Andrew's family and friends, eat some great food, and attend a Red Wings game. I am so excited!

Today over on {av}'s Long Distance Loving, the theme is "Let's Fly Away," and I would love to wear all of those gorgeous get-ups and travel to any of the locations other bloggers are dreaming of visiting. I didn't have time to add a set on polyvore, but I do want to send you over to {av}'s blog to share in the fancy! My favorite was #95 from Use Your Words, Little Girl. What's yours?

Also, next week I am featuring a new series on Little Bit of Class Little Bit of Sass. My sorority sister is a doctor and is willing to answer questions regarding health and fitness! Her nickname in college was Dr. Murph, so the series is called "Ask Dr. Murph!" Next week will be all about vitamins. I take quite a few every day so my questions are pretty silly and random. Do you have any questions for Dr. Murph or any ideas for later installments? Let me know and I will ask her for you!

I hope all of you have great weekends!

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callie ;) said...

I LOVE THAT AMBER IS HELPING YOU WITH THIS!! yes, that deserved all caps and exclamations!!