Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Bit of Class (Election) Tuesday

Happy Election Day!

My friend Holly said on Facebook earlier, "Please believe in something and vote for it today."
Couldn't agree more. 
And no matter who wins, I pray all of us will be classy with our reactions.

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On a different subject, last night on his show Jon Stewart shared some heartwarming information. On Sunday, the New York marathon was canceled. Many marathon runners who were in NYC decided that since they could no longer compete they would instead volunteer for relief efforts.

The 2009 New York marathon winner said, "I want to work with somebody. I don't mind going to Staten Island (which was greatly affected by the storm.) If I cannot run, I want to be positive. Or go to Central Park and let the runners know it's OK. I don't know. It's my first Sunday off in many years. How can I help?"

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How can I help?

I just love that story.
Thanks for reading and have a good day! 
Please vote and be classy!


Stephanie said...

That's such a great story! The news is always so negative, it's great to hear once in awhile that people still have a heart.
And yes for voting! I agree- I don't care about your views, just vote! I know my vote (Romney, in Chicago? yeah right) doesn't "count" but at least I got out there and tried.

Heather K. said...

Thanks for sharing that story and that great quote. I think I'll re-share that on my facebook.

Love your layout, btw!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That's an awesome story.

Holly said...

I wish I was the Holly with the wise words, but at least it was a Holly nonetheless. We are smart gals ;)

Love that story about the marathon runners!