Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Bit of Sass Thursday: The Awkward Edition

So yesterday was a good time. I have to start it off first by saying that my job is fun and my office is unbelievably cool. We really got into the costumes this year.

First up, here's some of the decor:

Next, here are some of the other costumes. I have to add to the suspense of the group costume...unless we're Facebook friends and you've seen them already...

Mario Brothers, Starbucks cups, flamingos, paper doll, and Kelly from Saved by the Bell. 
Amazing all around!

Here's my group's costume: An Awkward Family Photo!

I seriously crack up every time I look at these. We are so awkward it's AWESOME.

EJ even worked some Photoshop magic:

Here are some more of just me being awkward around other costumes:

And here's the whole Digital Team!

The "A" was not for "Awkward." It was our group letter for the voting round. 
We lost to the Mario Brothers group. We were ROBBED!!!

Thanks for viewing all of these. I had to document this epic Halloween!


callie ;) said...

loveeee the costume! but those mario costumes were pretty sweet too. i would've hated being a judge in that contest!


Rachel said...

I love your Awkward family photos, and there were some pretty cool other costumes there, too! Looks like an awesome night!

Miss Chelsea said...

your awkward family photos turned out GLORIOUS

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Dying over the awkward family photos. Love it!

henning love said...

love love love these costumes!! that cut-out doll is hilarious, very creative, happy belated halloween

RealDanaGentry said...

Those are the best awkward family photos I have ever seen! Hahaha great idea!!