Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Update: Staycation!

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Hi everyone!

Travel costs were too high this holiday, so while me and Andrew were incredibly sad we missed out on quality family time, we definitely enjoyed our first holiday together!

We started the long staycation with a dinner at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe, a restaurant we've been eager to try. It certainly did not disappoint! The Ropa Vieja was deeeeeelicious. I highly recommend it! It's a BYO restaurant, too!

Thursday was the start of new traditions :)

First, we watched the WGN Chicago Parade. It.Was.Hilarious.

Sorry NYC, but WGN news anchors are the best, and their hosting was beyond entertaining.

The Turkey even did Gangham Style before the whole parade paid homage to Ferris Bueller with "Twist N Shout"
Then we yelled at the TV (at the Lions) and started our meal!
Our idea for Turkey Legs on the grill, while seemingly awesome, did not turn out as we hoped.
Great idea? Definitely. Result? Not the turkey we grew up enjoying with our families. We went to the store on Friday for some real turkey...from the deli...still not quite the same, but tasty nonetheless. Andrew made a family casserole and I instilled my family traditions of Green Bean Casserole (French cut out of the can!) and PJs all day! We missed our families but we'll always remember our first Thanksgiving together!

The rest of the day we relaxed and looked up venues for our wedding. We've narrowed it down to a few and are excited to check them out soon!

The highlights on Friday were working out and then eating more! We also checked out our new favorite neighborhood bar, Third Rail Tavern. We made new friends and got plenty of tasty drinks!


Saturday's big event was a drinking play. Yes, this is a show where the actors play drinking games with the audience and make fun of drunk people in their skits. If you are in Chicago, you MUST go see Bye Bye Liver!!


Sunday was a busy day of Mass, donating blood, yelling at the Steelers, having leftovers again (!!!!), and going to see Twilight. Aside from a slight dose of panic during the blood drive and the Steelers loss, it was a great day!

Oh! Finally, here's how we ended our lovely staycation:

Does this weekend really have to end?


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more... such weekend bliss!
Cute blog :)
I'm coming over from the LIY giveaway!
XOX Angela

Lindsey said...

I wish the weekend didn't end. I was definitely not prepared for work today.

Helene said...

that turkey doing gangham style is amazing!
Helene in Between

Heidi said...

I had my first Thanksgiving without family also this year! Traveling costs suck! Glad yours turned out so well. Looks like y'all did a ton of fun stuff!