Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update

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Recapping my weekend won't take but a minute. Andrew and I lounged pretty much the entire time. Aside from an eye appointment and a couple workouts for me, a haircut for him, a super fun trip to the new and amazing grocery store Mariano's (it was a WILD Saturday night, lemme tell ya), hanging out with friends in the building for a few minutes, and Mass, we basically just chilled.


I did have my first red cup of the season, though!

AND we turned on our fire for the first time!

Oh! We also had a video chat session with my niece, Lizzie! She is such a talker, I love it! What a cutie!

Sure we didn't do much, but we're heading to DC this upcoming weekend, so we were happy to stay in and save some cash!

How was your weekend?


Christina said...

love the dark nails!

Stephanie said...

Which Mariano's did you go to? I love it there! I used to live right by the one off Randolph, like towards the lake, but since I moved I haven't been back. I think they opened a West Loop one, I have to check it out.

Nikki said...

Your weekend sounds just like mine - a lot of relaxing and that's about it. Sometimes those weekends are the best!

henning love said...

ahh you are so lucky you ave a fireplace!! i want one! and i need to get my first starbucks red cup of the season, it is the little things in life that makes us happy right :-)

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

Love the dark nail polish!

Betsy said...

I was already following you but just saw your twitter request and saw you're in the Burbs! And with my stellar Sherlock Holmes skills and noticing you went to Mariano's this weekend (best store ever!) I bet you're actually super close to me! I'm out of Arlington Heights. Can't wait to read more from a local lady!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes those lazy weekends are just what the Dr ordered. Great color on your mani!

Laura Darling said...

Great nails! And I can't wait to go get my firs red cup of the season! Maybe tomorrow morning! If I wake up early enough so I'm not late for work. Which is unlikely, but a girl can dream! :)

Chris said...

I love Mariano's... love it!