Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: How I asked my MOH and our Flower Girl

A Happy Wife in New Orleans

I am so excited to join the Wedding Wednesday link-up today with A Happy Wife in New Orleans!

If you've been reading a while then you know I have a big sister and a niece. I love them to pieces and miss them dearly - they live in California, so we rarely see each other in person. However, the Internet is awesome so we video chat once a week!

Lucky for me and Andrew, though, they came to town this past Friday for a quick visit!!!

They both knew their roles in our upcoming nuptials (because I told them, not asked, immediately after I told my sister how Andrew proposed!).

Even though it was no surprise, we still wanted to "formally" ask them to be the MOH and Flower Girl.

For Lizzie it was easy. The day after Andrew proposed in DC I hopped over to Eastern Market and bought her a handmade flower headband from one of the vendors.

When we asked after dinner on Friday she shyly and sweetly said "Yes!" and then wore the headband proudly on Saturday.

She will be 3 by the time we get married. I think she's ready now, though!

For Kate I got a little more creative, thanks to the inspiration from Callie and picture hunting from my parents.

That's Kate holding me as a newborn!
She can add a picture of us from the wedding in the bottom frame.

Obviously Kate said yes. I wouldn't let her say no anyway. I need her!! :)

Now I need to get creative about asking Bridesmaids!
To be honest, I am having a tough time choosing among my wonderful girlfriends. It's really tough!
Any advice is welcome!


Tara said...

As a new bride-to-be myself, I asked my bridesmaids by writing them personal cards! Sunflowers are my favorite flower and will be appearing during that day so I hand cut out some sunflowers to put in the card and wrote in the card something like..... "You know sunflowers are my favorite flower, well you are one of my favorite girls, would you do me the honor and be my bridesmaid! My wedding would not be complete without both!" I hope this helps! Let me know if you want anymore ideas!!

Mary said...

Tara that is so cute and thoughtful! Thank you!!

Vett Vandiver said...

so adorable and I love your blog!! <3

Rachel Farrell said...

Can I take part in this link up even though I'm not a bride anymore?! :)

I wrote personalized letters to each of my girls, which included a picture and a CD.

I ended all of my notes with "So darlin', darlin'..." and the CD was a single of Stand By Me by Ben E. King.

Good luck choosing your ladies. Best advice? Don't feel like you have to ask someone just because you were in their wedding. There are a million things you can have people do to be a part of your day. I had 2 MOHs, 5 bridesmaids and 4 "glam maids!" Your party can be whomever you want!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet way to ask her! That's an adorable photo, I love it!