Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Work It Out Wednesday: Week 11

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Hi gang!

How's your first week back in the swing of things? Swinging?
Mine is going well. My sleeping has been awful, but at least everything else is good!
Thanks to my lack of sleep (my head just doesn't turn off!!), it's been tough to get to boxing in the mornings. Plus it is, legitimately, freezing and walking home sweaty doesn't sound like a good idea. OK fine, that's a lazy excuse.

Thankfully P90X, Pinterest and my Motivation board helps to kick me back in gear on the coldest of days.
Back to boxing on Friday when it's above zero degrees outside at 6am! (I hope?)

Weekly disclaimer:
Remember what I said about my lack of qualifications? Please keep in mind that I am aware that I am chubby and have no fitness/nutrition authority. I'm just trying to spread some wellness love as I fight the battle to live well myself.

Weekly Workout:


How I made it harder: I did five rounds of this circuit. I also added weights allowing me to do curls during the lunges and lateral extensions with the squats/lateral leg raises. I also didn't follow the rules and did each motion for each leg (aka ten lunges per leg, eight diamond taps per leg, etc.). After the five rounds I did some extra arm exercises.
Overall impression: Super quick and great to do when I need to multitask at home, like last night as dinner baked in the oven!
Sweat factor (on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is when I look like I just got out of the shower): Considering that the oven was on and that the heat was cranked, I'd give myself a solid 7 on this one. It would probably be less if I didn't do extra movements and if the heat in the room wasn't as high.
How I felt when it was over: Great! Plus, I had the Georgetown game on mute in the background and my workout was finished in time to watch the win! Hoya Saxa!
Would I do it again? Absolutely, especially when I need a quick sweat fest.

Weekly recipe:
Every week this month I'm recapping my Whole30 experience, and am sharing recipes for others going through the program. I'm using my Wednesday posts to highlight my favorite recipe of the week.
This week the top new recipe for me was the Easy Paleo Pot Roast (Whole30 Compliant):


Gang, this is so insanely easy, makes your home smell awesome all day, and tastes delicious!!
I highly recommend it!

Weekly motivation:


Heck yeah it will! 
Remember, weight is just a number! Focus on how you feel!

Weekly workout sass


Made me giggle, hope you did, too!

Have a good one!

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Mae said...

I love this post! Great job on the circuit! 5 times? You're crazy girl :)