Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Bit of Class Tuesday


Today I am not going to post pictures from my Classy Pinterest board.

Instead, I  compiled a collage from my jaunt around town yesterday afternoon. After all, Chicago is a classy broad.

Why wasn't I at work?

Well, our awesome CEO gave our company two free half days. I didn't realize that I needed to use both of them before Labor Day else I lose them. Oops. I cannot let that happen, so yesterday around 10:30 a.m. I scrambled to do all necessary work and decided I would take a half day. 

But what to do?

I was not armed with the appropriate attire for the beach, I do not have the money to partake in a shopping spree, and I recently got my nails done. The beach, Mag Mile, and the spa were all out. 
(Wow. Talk about First World Problems. I kind of feel terrible right now.)

All I knew was that I was not going to spend a beautiful sunny Chicago day indoors.

I decided to be a tourist! I booked my hop on/hop off bus tour, met Andrew for lunch, and I was on my way!

The tour was about a two-hour bus ride in and around the Loop. While it was no Architecture Tour (LOVE THAT TOUR!), I do highly recommend doing it! Our tour guide was funny, incredibly informative, and clearly a Chicago native. I had a fantastic time!

Tomorrow I'm taking my second half day of the summer, and aside from changing my ID to my new address I don't have plans until book club. One Brick (volunteer group) doesn't have any events and I will workout in the morning before work with boot camp, so I need advice on what to do.

How would you spend an unplanned half day off of work? The weather will be glorious again, so napping at home is not an option. Send ideas my way!


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