Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Bit of Sass Thursday


First things first, today is the last day for the Limbo Jewelry Giveaway! Make sure you enter, I will announce the winner tomorrow! :)

Now let's sass it up, shall we?

Definitely keeping these commandments in mind as I plan for our party on Saturday. Chicago bloggers, want to come? Let me know!! :)

Two questions: have any of you tried this and does it work? Fingers crossed it does and takes minimal time.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Want. Need. Would look good with my hair. Justified.

If I ever saw this sign outside a bar I would immediately stop what I was doing and enter...and partake in the special.

Nerd jokes are the best!

Must try this on a non-lazy day.

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

"I'll Get You My Pretty" has so much more meaning now.

Pinned this gem from Stephanie of Bourbon and Glitter. It's definitely my favorite this week:
Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Amazing, right?


Stephanie said...

Haha! Thanks Mary! Glad you liked it as much as me, I laugh every time I see it.
Soup of the day?! That's amazing, and if I ever open a bar (like I plan to) that is 100% going up on my signs. Aaaand it'll be in Chicago, so you can come have tequila soup every day!

Rachel Farrell said...

Haha - that last image is hilarious!

Re: your drink calculater, I used a similar thing for our wedding, since we could provide all of our own. It was very helpful and surprisingly accurate!

Mary said...

Awesome, Rachel! Good to know!

Mary said...

Stephanie, I'd be your best regular at your future bar!