Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Way Back {When}sday

Hey everyone!
(Must thank Rachel from Can't Google Everything again for today's theme.)

Since today was a random half-day off, Andrew suggested that I tribute this throwback post to another random day...the day we went to the zoo.

Way back in the winter of 2010 Andrew got a random day off from work. I, being a grad school intern, took a random day off of my internship. We decided to make a visit to the panda pen at The National Zoo. Why?

Better question: Why NOT?

OK, but seriously it was because one panda (Tai Shan) was soon-to-be shipped back to China and we wanted to see him before that time. If you lived in DC, Tai Shan's departure was headline news. Every day.

We had so much fun walking among all of the other random families out and about. The best part (other than seeing Tai) was our visit to the gift shop when we bought our own panda stuffed animals. 

Where would you go on a random day off?


1 comment:

callie ;) said...

uh, i would also go to the zoo to visit my future pet baby elephant. #reasonswearefriends