Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Update

I'm linking up with Dana from five30three to document my fun weekend. What did I get into over the last couple of days? Honestly, not a whole bunch! I loved it!

Friday night after a workout I came home and had a dance party by myself while Andrew laughed. It was a great start to the weekend. We spent some quality time with the couch and our Netflix. 

Saturday Andrew was off for a bachelor party and I...didn't get out of my pajamas until the afternoon. It was glorious.

The best part? 

My Big from my sorority was in town and we met up for one of the most random nights I've had in a while. We ate incredible BBQ at Smoque to start the evening. Then we proceeded to the nearest bar which was the classiest establishment I have ever patroned. There was a liquor store attached, glass-covered walls, free stale popcorn on the bar, and it was cash only. Oh and the bar is called The Hangover. Oh and we decided to join in the sing-along to awful music with the other 10 people in the bar. Then we took over the jukebox and got rowdy. Our bartender got a kick out of our antics and kept giving us free drinks. At one point a woman across the bar said to her friend (as we sang along to Don't Stop Believing, obviously), "Wow. They are really loud." 

I'm so proud of us.

Here are some pictures that forever capture one of the funniest/most obnoxious nights I have ever experienced, especially in Chicago. What can I say? My Big taught me well!



Chris said...

I love that you bring the party to the bar... even with just two of you!

Courtney said...

Love that the bar is called the Hangover! Cute pictures!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hahaha sounds like a great weekend! My big is coming to town this weekend and I'm so excited! What sorority were/are you in?

Thanks for linking up with us :)

DSR said...

Free drinks? You go girl! I've never heard of that bar, but something tells me I would not like it so much. Thanks for sharing!