Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Way Back {When}sday!

I am so excited it's already the middle of the week. Today I'm linking up with Rachel from Can't Google Everything for a little throwback. It's my ode to football season.

Here's my first NFL experience, at a Redskins v. Steelers pre-season game in 2007. It was amazing. Until me and my girlfriends got lost after the game and couldn't find the Metro. Meh, details.

Here I am at my first Big 10 game, wearing Andrew's hat, cheering on the Spartans. 
(Yes, I'm from Ohio and have never been to an OSU game for fun. Just fundraisers for Theta Nu. The tickets are expensive.)

Here's my first Lions game with Andrew and our buddy, Kim. They grew up Lions fans and introduced me to the frustration that entails. 

Here I am at my first Steelers game at Hines Field in the 'burgh. Gosh it was so amazing I can't even describe it!!! 
(Plus, look how freaking cute Andrew is!!)

Annnnnd now I just want to kick back on the couch, throw back a few beers, and cheer on our teams! 

Are you ready for some football?



Stephanie said...

Steelers? Spartans? Lions? I can't even bear to look. Never! Bears and Hawkeyes!!

Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful said...

steelers fan, oh my! i am a redskins fan, but we wont go into that! atleast you made it to a game back in the day! been to anymore since then?

& yes i am ready for some football!

henning love said...

i am totally ready and glad that football season is on, bring it!! i have only been to on NFL game but the experience was great enough that i want to return soon and I'm sure my husband won't object to that ;-)

callie ;) said...

1. you are one of the very few steelers fans i can truly tolerate.
2. obvi i am ready for football.
3. i'm so sad that rachel is only doing WBW once a month now. :( i will link up every time she does it!!
4. i am going to 2 nfl games this year with mike.
5. i am already going to a total of 3 osu games (last week vs. miami, night game 10/5 vs. nebraska!!!, and another one sometime w/ mike.)