Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Update!

What a long weekend! Linking up with the gals to share in the fun!

My long weekend started as any should: on a Thursday. At the yearly company outing to the Cubs game...with an open bar. And then we went to another bar. And then I met Andrew for Greek food. Not too shabby, eh?

On Friday I had an interesting time at boot camp considering the previous night's activities. I muscled through (pun intended!) and then slept a couple more hours. That day we relaxed, watched football, and did our fantasy draft.

Saturday we headed to Saugatuck!!

The weather was absolutely perfect! We had so much fun, full of cooking and devouring delicious food, enjoying sweaty beach time, watching gorgeous sunsets, going on morning runs, and having lots of family time laughs. Andrew and I ventured into town on Sunday night to celebrate the unofficial end to summer (and a Tigers sweep of the Sox). Monday morning me and the ladies did the annual bridge walk, which is so super cute. It's meant to "compete" with the Mackinac Island Bridge Walk, but is only 0.10 miles...in other words, it's a hilarious small beach town tradition. 

It was tough to leave!

On the way back we stopped at the Michigan City outlets. We weren't impressed but came out with one good find each, so at least we didn't leave empty handed (or even more broke)!

What were your weekend highlights?



Aimee L said...

Love these pictures!!! Sounds like I need to put Sagatuck on my "must see" destination list!!

Susan said...

Thursday? Lucky gal! I'm so glad you had a great time in Michigan, what gorgeous views you guys had!

Chris said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! Too bad you didn't find a whole lot at the outlets, but at least your wallet is thankful for that, right? I'm never impressed with Michigan City outlets... I usually go to Aurora!