Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Way Back {When}sday!

Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm linking up with Rachel from Can't Google Everything to dedicate this post to my best friend, Callie. It's her Birthday today, too, so please go send her some love and enter her giveaway!

I sadly don't have any digital pictures from our pledging days, but here are a few from back when.

haha the top two pictures are pre-highlights days. Annnnd a couple of others are from my spray tan days. Ohhh memories.

The most recent is the bottom left, from my 26th Birthday/Grad School Graduation in DC when Callie came to visit!

Recent pictures will be here on Monday! Can't wait to see the Birthday Girl and our Theta Nu gals at Otterbein Homecoming this weekend! 



callie ;) said...

the one on the bottom right is one of my very favorite pictures of us ever!!

thanks, love! i can't wait for this weekend. :) :) :)

Amber Mack said...

how old are we that early college was PRE digital images???? lol

Amber Mack said...

I am also wondering if I should be worried that I am JUST NOW going through my spray tan phase 8 years later??

Love you Mary!

Mary said...

hahaha yes I felt so old writing that! I need to take pictures of my scrapbook pictures!

Kelly M. said...

Def love your hair now with the blonde highlights!