Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update!

How is the weekend over already? It just isn't fair.

I started the weekend with a sore throat, which turned into a nasty cold. Wah. Andrew and I still made our trip to Ohio, though! A little cold won't keep me from Theta Nu's 95th Anniversary and Callie's Birthday! Nosiree! 

On our trip we stopped in Richmond, Indiana. More on that tomorrow because I loved it so much!

Here's my first of two collages of our weekend:

Top: It rained a little bit as we crossed into Ohio but it only made the trees look that much prettier to me! The skies were sunny for the remainder of the trip! When we got in on Friday my mom had some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for us, which made coming home that much sweeter.

Middle Left: My parents have a cat named Fluffy. She is beautiful but wow is she mean! She WILL NOT let you touch her. I told Colonel Meow he should meet her (ps please go look at that Facebook account! HILARIOUS!). 

Middle Right: Andrew and I took a picture on the porch before going out on Saturday night. My family always takes pictures on the porch, like it's the first day of school. Lucky for Andrew, right?

Bottom Left: We stocked up on Conn's Chips and Yuengling since we can't get either in Chicago.

Bottom Right: Finally, the Porsche driver on our way home yesterday was apparently a C student.

Now on to Theta Nu!

We didn't make the parade and meeting Saturday morning. Sniffling in sweatpants while watching football were far more appealing for us than standing in the cold. I was sad to miss it, but really wasn't up for it!

That night, though, we went out! I saw some ladies I haven't seen in YEARS! It was great to catch up, reminisce, and give hug after hug. It was a pretty good turnout, especially since an entirely different group went to the parade in the morning. Yay Violets! 
(Yes, Violets are our sorority flower, and that is one of our nicknames).

The pictures above are from the Theta Nu event as well as later on that evening out for Callie's Birthday. We had soooo much fun! I can't wait for the 100th celebration!!!

The quote is from when I pledged, and was one of the many reasons why I pledged Theta Nu. I joined because they let me be me! It was awesome to be around a group of strong women who loved each other for who we are rather than what we look like. But, let's be honest, we are all very beautiful, too :)

P.S. recognize Callie and Holly? Yep, I have two awesome blogger sisters!

How was your weekend?

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callie ;) said...

love you and was sooo happy to see you this weekend! i love that pic of us and the one of you and andrew. i think that might be my favorite picture of you guys ever. :) said...

i left at the c-student porsche driver..
wow, that sounds like a blog title, ha!
looks like you had a blast of a weekend with your sisters. hope that you feel better soon! the weather sure does seem to be getting a lot of people!