Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update!

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine certainly wasn't long enough, but it was full of football and relaxing so I can't complain.

Before I link up with the girls today, I have to promote my best friend's giveaway! Callie from Be Here Now is hosting THE BEST giveaway to celebrate her birthday. Go check it out!

Now for the weekend!

While I watched football and baked, I have to highlight two things from my weekend, one athletic and the other fabulous.

First, the athletic: in August I changed up my workout routine to a much tougher regimen. I'm finally seeing results but my knees have taken quite a beating. My knees have always been finicky but in the last few weeks they have just plain hurt. No bueno. Andrew suggested that I go to a sports medicine clinic to get them checked out. Who knows, you know?

Well, Angela at Athletico certainly knows.

Within miniutes of moving around, stretching, etc., Angela told me that I have Patellar Tendinitis in both knees, the worst of which is in the left knee. Not too big of a deal, but I have to tell my trainer, boot camp instructor, and class instructor that I need to cool it on a few movements for two weeks. Then, and this is the coolest part, she printed out an injury-specific sheet of exercises and stretches. It has the pictures, reps, and instructions. So helpful! I'm going back tonight to pick up a foam roller and stretchy band. Oh and I forgot to mention... was FREE!

Yep! Athletico saw me for a free consultation. If my knees aren't better in two weeks I will go back and they will refer me to a doctor. So yeah! Worth it! If you are in the Chicago area there are quite a few locations. If you go to the Madison Ave. location, ask for Angela! She's wonderful!

Now for the fabulous portion of the weekend!

After my appointment at Athletico I passed the sweetest little vintage-inspired boutique on Madison called Decollage. Since it was a small and beautiful space, I suspected the boutique was like many others I have entered...meaning the clothing is out of my price range, but I walk in to drool anyway. Drool I did, but not only over the beautiful clothes, I drooled over the prices! I couldn't believe how affordable everything was at Decollage. I picked up a new shirt, chatted with the sweet lady working, and left very happy. I can't wait to go back!

Look how pretty the store is!

The rest of the weekend was full of football and fun!

After work on Friday I went and had a very relaxing mani/pedi. I came home to Andrew, a glass of delicious Traverse City, Michigan whiskey, and the Rat Pack blaring through the apartment. I just love nights like that!

Yesterday I baked Betty Crocker's Touchdown Brownies. I used the low-fat mix and made them small, so it's kind of guilt-free, right? 

Good tip: line the pan with foil and spray with cooking spray (I use spray butter). Then when it's cool, place wax paper on a flat surface, flip the brownies on the wax paper so the foil is on top, and peel off the foil. That way the brownies don't stick! Sorry if you already knew that tip, but I was very thankful someone wrote that in the comments for the recipe.

Whew, long post! Thanks for hanging in there with me! Tell me about your weekend!


Ashley said...

Woah, great weekend! So excited it's football season, aren't you?? I could go for a mani/pedi combo right now. Sounds ideal! Happy Monday :)

callie ;) said...

thanks for the shout out! love you and can't wait to see you this weekend!

also, mike was super jealous of your friday evening, so he flipped on some sinatra and we watched baseball on mute. hahaha. :)

P!nky said...

I never knew about the tinfoil tip, thanks for sharing.

Awesome you figured out the issue with your knee and woohoo free!

Unknown said...

touchdown fun!!!

Stephanie said...

Ahhh touchdown brownies! How cute! Athletico sounds awesome, I've always seen it but never gone in. How nice that they do free consultations like that, with the exercises and everything?!

Susan said...

Hope your knees get better soon! That absolutely stinks, but I'm so glad that athletico is helping (my sister's bf works there, it's a good company!). And thanks for the recommendation on that boutique! Can't wait to go!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. :)