Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Bit of Sass Thursday


Today I'm posting over at A Buckeye in Badgerland! My sorority sister, Sarah, just had an adorable baby so I'm guest posting while she focuses on her little boy! Go stop by! (I mean, uh, after you read this post.)

How about a little sass today?

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

This is fabulous and I want it. The end.

Again with the fabulous and the want.

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So great.

That? Right there? Is amazing. Way to go, Dave. I wish I knew you.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Now that's some effective advertising.

And now, my favorite for the week:

Sorry I'm not sorry if that song is now stuck in your head.

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callie ;) said...

of course i love that navy/white/red combo. can't wait to go read your guest post! :)