Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Our First Anniversary!


Hi everyone! 
I'm joining Macy & Meg's Wedding Wednesday linkup for the first time!

Not gonna lie, this is a very long post.
I'm going to recap a bunch with a ton of photos (including collages I made for previous posts) and then I offer a few words of "wisdom" to future brides.
You were warned!!

I know, I know, if you're a regular reader then I am aware of how sick you are of my wedding posts.

However, a couple of my girlfriends told me they actually miss my wedding posts and suggested that I write one last one to commemorate the Big Day on our anniversary. Well, Sunday was our first anniversary so here we are! Any excuse for me to share the details of the best day of my life, amIright?

April 26, 2014:

April 26, 2015:

So where do I start?
With Andrew's incredible proposal and surprise engagement party on November 9, 2012?

With the special dress shopping weekend in Chicago with 9 of my nearest and dearest in tow?
What about some of the details, like how I wore Andrew's family's veil or our baseball guest book or our music choices?

Maybe the Ladies Luncheon or the Rehearsal Dinner?

Oh you just want to hear about the Day?
Sure, I can do that, too. Happy to oblige.

Let's start with the gals getting ready. We had such a great time sipping mimosas and getting pretty.

Moving on to the ceremony, at my childhood church in my hometown. It was the week after Easter so we were lucky to have the entire altar covered in flowers. It was perfect!

The day itself was beautiful. The weather was so lovely! After the ceremony we went around my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio to some of my favorite locations to snap some photos.

More of the family veil, too:

Then we took photos around our reception venue at The Athletic Club of Columbus. We even sneaked a few photos in the gorgeous windows while the guests cocktailed and mingled.

Our entrances were pretty fantastic and our first dance was darling, if I do say so myself.

The speeches were so touching and funny. Top that with delicious food and cake and we were in Heaven!

The dance with my dad was incredible. We waltzed until I gave up pretending I knew what I was doing. Then I just hugged him. Makes me tear up thinking about it.

The reception hit its crescendo with a flash mob! Not even kidding, my sister and sister-in-law orchestrated a flash mob for me! Read the story HERE. This was the reason we hired a videographer last minute! I'm so so so thankful! I have the video cued up on my phone and I watch it whenever I need a little pick-me-up. One of my happiest memories for sure!

To wrap it all up, my Mother-in-Law coordinated a send-off, with glow sticks and a pedicab ride around Columbus!

Here is a quick glimpse of our day (except the flash mob isn't in it! Want to see that video? Click here!)

Andrew and Mary April 26, 2014 from Eye on the World Productions on Vimeo.

The next day we partied with my side of the family and then Andrew and I were off to Costa Rica for our honeymoon!

Take us back! Please take us back!!!

OK, for all of the future brides...if you're still reading (sorry this is super long!), I have some words of "wisdom" to keep in mind as you prepare for your day:
1) You're going to stress at some point. Just roll with it. It will all work out. Example: I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted, but guess what? I looked pretty darn good and I know when I'm old I'll be thankful.
2) Something may not work out the way as planned, but it will be fine. Example: the bridesmaid bouquets were, in a word, heinous. They were honestly nothing like what I wanted. Thankfully the colors worked well, my bouquet was stunning and the reception flowers were great. Can't win 'em all!
3) Family is awesome. I can't even express the gratitude I continue to feel for the outpouring of love. 
4) My parents were always right. I guess those are not words of wisdom, but if you're weighing decisions, just go with your mom's choice. It will be perfect.
5) Make sure you take a chance to step back and take it all in. There were moments leading up to the day and the day itself where I stopped what I was doing, prayed and flashed happy memories in my mind. It helps with perspective. Example: Andrew and I snuck away from the dance floor for about ten minutes to enjoy our delicious cake. It was quieter and we sat down. It was awesome. 
6) At the end of the day you'll be married, with the one who completes you. I love Andrew. He really is the best. I try to avoid getting mushy on my blog, but I will say this: every day is better than the last because Andrew is part of it.

Well this was super fun! I hope anything I wrote helps the future brides even just a little bit!
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Thanks for reading!
Have a good one! 

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Megan @ Chicago Girl said...

Love. All of it! Happy Anniversary. Times flies when you are having fun! I can't wait for more Wedding Wednesdays from everyone! I had to hold off for my pics to arrive. I have been a pain for my photographer because I have redone our album 3 times;)

Jessica said...

I love this post! Everything about your wedding is so gorgeous! The advice is great, I've definitely hit those stressful points and I'm just trying to let them not get to me. && it is so true that parents are always right, how do they manage to do that?? Happy Wednesday!

Macy V said...

Yay!!! I am so happy to see you back with more wedding-ness!! I love love loved your wedding, everything about it is so classy and fun. Also, thank you for the advice at the end! Taking in the special moments really is a big one.
Thanks for linking up with us!! <3

Meg Taylor said...

All of this is just amazing!! Thanks so much for coming back to link up with us for your anniversary!! I LOVED your wedding flash mob, and that one photo of your veil blowing in the breeze needs to be in a magazine! Happy Anniversary, Mary!!

Veronica-VeroSays! said...

Wow what a great recap! I'm trying to make sure we step back and take it all in. Everyone seems to give that as a piece of advice. Thanks for sharing! Xo

Andrea H. said...

Love the way you did this full recap!! And happy one year of marriage :)

Rachel said...

That first photo legitimately made me gasp. So stunning. Happy (belated) anniversary!

Jacquelyn @ Due South said...

Happy Anniversary!! Your pictures are beautiful.. I'll have to go back and read your past posts =)

VivianBishopxo said...

Happy one year! I can't believe how fast time flies, it seems like I was just reading your recaps!!